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Our Purpose

    The demands on organisations – and the people who lead them – have never been greater.

    Pressure to achieve more with less, to be agile in a dynamic market and to consistently deliver strong financial, cultural and strategic returns create significant challenges to be met.

    And increasingly, it is effective project management that provides the solution.

    Organisations with strong project management capability can efficiently implement change initiatives that keep them competitive and drive substantial business performance improvements.

    Leverage ThePMO Group’s expertise to build internal project management capability

    With extensive experience in leading a range of successful projects in multiple sectors, our strategic consultancy services will help you define, develop and align project strategy with your broader organisational objectives. And our specialist project management tool, Project Symphony, creates greater transparency, accountability and control throughout the life of the project, helping your organisation meet its desired project metrics regarding cost, timeframe, compliance and most importantly, outcome.

    Contact ThePMO Group today to find out how we can help boost your organisation’s project management capability and create better business performance as a result.

Our Services

Strategic Consulting

Definition of strategic goals and initiatives that drive positive change across your organisation.

Best of Class Consultancy

Turnkey solutions for organisations seeking to develop or enhance project delivery capability.

Optimisation Services

ThePMO provides maturity assessments and optimisation to enhance project delivery capability.






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